When do the events start?
What about the weather in Hyderabad on the race weekend?
Will the event be called off incase of heavy rain?
Are there cut off times for all the events?
Can I use IPOD / Head Phones during the course of the race?
Will there be AID Stations and emergency medical assistance available along the route?
Is there a place to store my baggage on Race day?
How do I get back to start point after finishing the race?
What about parking at the start point?
What is the minimum age for the events?
What about accommodation for runners who come from outside?
How do I get to the event start point?
How can I make changes in the submitted registration form for misspelled name / T-shirt size?
Can I get a refund or transfer / donate my registration?
What does registration fee cover?
What are the registration fees I have to pay?
I haven’t received any confirmation / receipt for the event registered?
What is the route for the events?
Who are the organizers of NMDC Hyderabad Marathon?
What are the race categories conducted for the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon?
How is the Terrain/Run Route?